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Since 2003 we’ve been manufacturing a wide variety of precision injection mould tools ranging from simple, single impression cap tools weighing a few kilograms to complex, multi-cavity or large plastic enclosures weighing up to 28 tons.

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Our in-house plastic injection mould toolroom in Shenzhen gives us total control over each manufacturing phase from initial tool design to final program sign-off in the customer’s production environment. From start to finish each significant milestone is supported efficiently and completed on time.

With our own UK technical centre and satellite offices strategically placed around the globe we can cover all your export plastic mould tooling requirements and be on hand when support is required. This ensures you are always in touch with the program activity on the ground.

Highly skilled technical design team

Our highly skilled technical design team engage with the program at the earliest possible stage. You can be certain your 3D data has passed full tooling feasibility analysis and everything is totally ready when the tool design stage begins.

Vertical integration within Sino enables seamless progression from Tool Design to Manufacture through to Mould Trial activities, maturation loops and ultimately full sign-off.

54,000sq. ft. Shenzhen factory

As a result of steady growth, we’ve recently opened a new 54,000 sq. ft. factory in Shenzhen, China. This expansion includes investment in new high-speed CNC machining centres, EDM and WEDM machinery, enabling us to manage large and complex multi-tool projects. Depending on the application we use German, Swedish and Japanese steels according to customer preference. All work is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes:

Product design

We can get involved right from the start of your product design process and help you translate your ideas into finished products ready for market. Our practical tool design and manufacturing experience can prove immensely beneficial, helping you to resolve a variety of functional, aesthetic and cost challenges before they become problematic and expensive.

IP protection

We understand it is essential to protect your intellectual property and our culture ensures all members of staff are committed to upholding the highest security standards.

Your design data and product specifications are stored on our secure server and only accessible by allocated members of our team working on your project. We will return all IP data at the end of a project and delete from our server if required.

Tool design

We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers offering a full injection mould tool design service with considerable experience including single cavity, multi-cavity, hot runner, over-mould and 2k tooling.

We advise on part tool design and suitability for injection moulding using MoldFlow. This software allows us to provide detailed information on flow, cooling and component distortion. Our design team works with you to optimise part design to improve product appearance and minimise moulding cost by reducing weight and cycle time. Sino use industry leading Siemans NX for all tool design and 3d modelling activities.

Our technical teams based in Europe and North America provide full support including factory visits, collection and delivery as well as a full tool modification and refurbishment service.

Mould tool validation

Our moulding shop is fully equipped to carry out comprehensive pre-production tool trials including de-humidifying dryers, chillers, water heaters, hot runner controllers and robot de-moulding.

Mouldings are measured and evaluated in our metrology department and full ISIR report is submitted with tool trails arranged according to customers chosen maturation strategy. Agreed volumes of samples sent to customers for approval. PPAP (Product Part Approval Process) submission documentation can be supplied. All subject to customers programme strategy and as agreed at the quotation stage.

Pre-production & validation

Following tool completion and approval we can manufacture initial production batches before the moulds are crated and shipped to the customer. These parts are often shipped by air to allow the OEM to evaluate prototypes or carry out pre-production assembly before the tools arrive by sea.

Additional services we offer include

Ultrasonic welding


Threaded insert installation


Electro-mechanical assembly to assist in the customer’s product development and approval process

Achieving excellence and quality is our top priority – all work is certified to ISO 9001:2015