Global choice manufacturing excellence to leading brands across the world

Making things better

Our experienced British designers, engineers, and management work alongside the team in our Shenzhen factory to combine British standards with Chinese precision and cost efficiency so you benefit from the best of both worlds.

Western values & standards

Say goodbye to language or cultural barriers thanks to our UK-managed factory in China and English-speaking sales and technical support that is available in the UK, Europe, Mexico, North America, Canada, and China.

Western values and standards

Exceeding expectations for 20 years

Our excellent track record with major international brands is a testament to our unique manufacturing credentials. As a global company with a local presence in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and beyond, we have the infrastructure and experience to deliver what you need when you need it. From inception to delivery and support, we’ll make things better for you.

Global coverage for peace of mind

Rigorous project management for maximum efficiency

Our repeat custom is built on a foundation of total customer satisfaction. At any stage of a project, you can communicate with our expert team, who speak English. Each project is meticulously planned and managed using our Project and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) systems, and every aspect, including schedule, cost, and approvals, is managed with the utmost rigor and efficiency.

rigorous project management

British standards. Chinese precision. Manufacturing excellence.

To support your product development and manufacturing needs, we offer an extensive range of services fuelled by decades of technical manufacturing expertise.

Sino has supplied our safety critical products since 2014 and we consider them to be a strategic partner. Components manufactured demonstrate a skilful grasp of all manufacturing processes and product assembly. All tooling is made in-house with the process from order to approval being short and smooth.

Alex Roberts, Senior Buyer, MSA Latchways