Making things better

Sino is a unified British and Chinese owned manufacturing company headquartered in the UK, with its own well-equipped factory in Shenzhen.

We make it much easier for customers to source high quality products without the usual challenges involved in dealing direct with Chinese companies, or going through a middleman.

Western values & standards

You can be confident everything we do is underpinned by western values and standards, with local sales and technical support, and advanced supply chain management solutions.

Efficient product management & years of experience

Customers not only benefit from the added peace of mind this brings, but excellent communications, sound advice, skilled engineers, efficient project management and years of experience successfully partnering with a wide range of clients in the west.

The creativity, skills & resources to rise to all your challenges

We offer an extensive range of services to support all your product development and manufacturing efforts.

Thanks to the UK team and the team in China for pushing hard to make the tools and parts in the deadline we gave. I know how tough it was but you did it! Without this we wouldn’t have been able to showcase our products at Firex Show.

Giles Hemmings, Technical Director, Bull Products