Our team

The company has scaled up considerably and partners with major global enterprises on sophisticated projects – but everyone at Sino is personally committed to our core values:

  • Close and long-lasting customer relationships
  • Open and clear communications so projects progress swiftly
  • Great teamwork with clients and colleagues alike
  • Total integrity, honesty and reliability
  • Pride in achieving the highest possible quality standards
  • A positive can-do attitude and eagerness to exceed expectations

Leadership team

Zhu Yuanfeng

Chief Financial Officer3

Li Xie

Founder & CEO1

Robert Harris

Founder & Executive Chairman2

Executive team

Lisa Hu

Quality Assurance and Health & Safety2

Chad Su

Operations Director4

John Hemming

Technical Director1

Molly Zou

Group Finance3

Stephen Toward

European Programme Management5

Jade Stokes

Marketing & Communications7

Jon Harris

Vice President - North America Division8

Dave Farias

North American Programme Management9