Better Process Management

Saving time, reducing costs & eliminating risks

We’re obsessed with making the highest quality tools and products that meet your complex engineering requirements. But we also realise the importance of impeccable project management to ensure the entire process goes smoothly and that you have total peace of mind at every stage.

Process solutions

It’s not just what we make but how we do it

We’re not just a product supplier. Nor are we just a solution provider. We’re a true partner that works as a seamless extension of your own team – everything is fully integrated with your way of doing things.

British & Chinese all in a single company

As a British company, with its own wholly owned factory in Shenzhen, the process is far less opaque and awkward than dealing with a Chinese supplier or working through a middleman. You can talk directly to English speaking Engineers, Managers and Designers both in our UK Headquarters or the Chinese factory as well as in our Sales & Technical Centres in Europe and North America. You benefit from clear and open communications with the experts who are hands-on with your particular project. You also have the confidence that they share your cultural values and work to British standards – all work is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Sino UK and Chinese manufacturing

Our process workflow

Totally joined up from start to finish

The process is tailored to your requirements and therefore different for every client and project. Our capabilities, however, are comprehensive. We cover everything from concept to delivery, plus anything you need in between – design, prototyping, tool construction and testing, raw material purchase, product manufacture, validation, finishing, assembly, shipping, in-plant tool trials, customs clearance, local technical support, ongoing maintenance, VMI and much more.

We’ve also recently invested in an Epicor ERP system to provide enhanced project, production, quality, supply chain and Customer Relationship Management.