Three reasons why we can make things better for you…

Three reasons why we can make things better for you

If you’re looking to partner with an injection mould tooling company, here are three reasons why you can trust us to make things better for you.

20 years and counting
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20 years and counting

Since 2003, we’ve manufactured a huge range of complex injection mould tools and components for clients across the planet. As we do everything in-house, you can rely on us to provide an stress-free experience.

Best of both worlds
best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

Want high quality at a low cost? Our highly-skilled English toolmakers and designers work alongside our Chinese team at our factory in Shenzhen to bring you British standards and Chinese precision at competitive prices.

Proven track record
Sino's Global infrastructure

Proven track record

Our global infrastructure, which includes English-speaking support in the UK, Europe, North America, China, and Mexico, has made us the go-to choice for leading manufacturers across the globe.

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