Pros & Cons of manufacturing in China

What are Pros & Cons of Manufacturing in China?

It’s a question that arises when looking into manufacturing in China. When you manufacture in China with Sino Manufacturing Solutions the answers will be different.

Sino isn’t an outsourcer or an agent. We’re a British owned manufacturing firm with a factory in Shenzhen, China. We run the factory to Western standards and have British employees based in the factory.

Let’s look at some of the points that come up when discussing manufacturing in China…


Cost – We’re not telling you something you don’t already know here, its cheaper to manufacture in China. Include shipping in the costs and it’s still cheaper.

High Output & Quick Turnover –  China is known for its quick turnover and Sino is no different. We have the capacity, facilities and experience to produce large complex orders.

Access to Chinese Market – Manufacturing in China will make it easier, cheaper and faster to enter the Chinese market, which represents a huge part of the global consumer market.

Quality – Some of the biggest brands in the world manufacture in China and quality pays a huge part in that. China has drastically worked on changing its perception of being a low-quality manufacturer it once was to the world leading manufacturing hub that it is today. Sino run the factory to Western standards, we’re ISO 9001:2008 accredited, we use market leading machinery and invest in our team. Sino also has a dedicated quality assurance team ensuring all products are tested prior to shipping. The benefit of manufacturing directly with Sino over outsourcing is you get much more involvement in the project and your say on how things are done.

Of course this wouldn’t be a balanced article if we didn’t discuss some the cons that come up when discussing manufacturing in China…


Language & Communication Barriers – We speak your language, Sino is a Western owned factory, English is our company language. All Heads of Departments in China speak English and our UK based team are in daily communications with them.

Business Culture – It goes without saying that a Chinese company can have a different business culture to a Western one which of course will have its own issues, Sino however is a Western company with a Western business culture.

Shipping – It’s no lie that shipping can be a pain, even more so if you have no experience in it. We’re been shipping goods from China all over the globe for more than 17 years, we know the most cost effective and fasted ways and are here to advise.

Manufacturing in China has many advantages and by making Sino Manufacturing Solutions your manufacturing partner we’re certain we can eliminate the challenges. See us in action by visiting the Sino website and viewing our latest video!

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