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Product Design

Sino’s product design service is run and supported by our sister company Molimi Design based in Nottingham, UK. We offer a full product design service helping customers to transform their ideas to finished products ready for market. This service is beneficial to many industries as new concepts benefit from professional input and the opportunity to reach full potential through functional and aesthetic resolutions before manufacturing.

We provide 2D and 3D photo-realistic stills and videos available for promotional and marketing purposes or drawings for product manufacture and patent applications. We can also produce high quality 3D animations showing products in a real-world setting to showcase the product in the intended environment.
Here at Sino, we understand that in order to produce your engineering components, we need to receive your drawings and other product details. It is important to us that your intellectual property is safeguarded. Therefore, we have created a team at Sino whereby all our staff and subcontractors understand the value of our customers IP and must do everything they can to protect it.
If a non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed, then please send us a copy of your NDA before we commence business with you or receive any design data. In almost all cases we have no problem with the terms of non-disclosure agreements, we will promptly review, sign and return.

Visit our sister company Molimi Design for more information but first view the Molimi showreel
Contact the team now on +44(0)121 486 2526 or complete an enquiry form