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Contact the team now on +44(0)121 486 2526 or complete an enquiry form


Where will our components be manufactured?

Your components will be manufactured at one our factories in either Shenzhen or Ningbo in China.


Who will clear my shipment through customs?

Sino works with a freight forwarding company that will look after all shipping and customs clearance both in UK & China. The freight forwarder will send you an invoice as part of the customs clearance procedure so that you can pay the UK duty and VAT which is payable before you receive the goods. Prompt payment of this invoice will prevent unnecessary delays of your components at the seaport or airport.


Does Sino have a support team in the UK?

Yes, our technical and customer support team is based at our UK office at Blythe Valley Business Park, Shirley, Birmingham B90 8AG.

Customer support hot line 0121 486 2426


Who should I contact at Sino if I want a new component designed & manufactured?

Contact our UK Office on 0121 486 2526. Our customer support team will put you in touch with the relevant Sino Business Manager for your area who will contact you to discuss your new project in detail.


Does Sino offer a product design & prototyping service?

Sino offers a complete product design for plastic injection moulded components and assemblies at its sister company Molimi based in Nottingham UK. Please visit www.molimidesign.com.

Molimi Design works closely with our engineering & production team in China to enable us to offer a complete turnkey package including design, prototyping, tool manufacture & production.


Can Sino help with marketing our products?

Think Allowed Ltd is part of the Sino Group of companies and specialises in corporate videos and animation to help promote our customers’ newly developed products and services.

Think Allowed is based in Nottingham, UK. Please visit www.thinkallowed.com.


How long will it take to deliver our shipment form the Sino Shenzhen factory?

You should allow 5 weeks for a sea shipment from ‘door to door’ allowing for customs clearance in China & UK. Air freight takes 7 to 10 days depending on size of shipment and time spent clearing customs.


Which seaport is normally used to import shipments from Sino into the UK?



What happens if my components have unexpectedly been damaged in transit?

Sino fully insures all shipments during their transit from our factory to your warehouse. If components have been damaged for any reason during transit, then Sino will arrange for a swift replacement of the goods or rework in the UK if suitable. Please contact our office in Birmingham or your local sales person if there are any problems with your shipment.


Can we contact the factory directly to chase our delivery?

We encourage all our customers to contact our factory directly to receive an up to date status report on current deliveries. Contact Chad Su, Customer Services, his email address is chad.su@sino-manufacturing.com.


Which manufacturing processes will require tooling before our product can be produced?

Tooling will be required for all components manufactured by either injection moulding, metal pressing and diecasting processes. Turned metal parts generally do not require special tooling.

Description and cost of tooling required will be fully detailed on our quotation supplied to you at the beginning of the project.


Contact the team now on +44(0)121 486 2526 or complete an enquiry form