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Case Study - Sterling Separation

CS75 Oil/Water separator

CS75 is Sterling’s smallest oil/water separator. It has a simple cartridge service kit meaning that the user does not have to throw it all away each time. And that means servicing is less expensive. It can be wall-mounted, or floor-mounted. Installed right it won’t overflow and can’t leak.

There is also a built-in ‘time-in-service’ indicator, push-in fittings, servicing requires no tools – and CS75 has the capacity for ANY current 11kW air compressor.

Product Design

Sino worked with Sterling Separation to develop the final design for the filter body & housing. The product concept was the idea of Sterling’s directors Mike Amphlett and Richard Turner. Sino’s Nottingham based design agency Molimi Ltd perfected the design for the injection moulding process and produced the final 3D data ready for prototyping and final manufacture.

An early design concept by Molimi Ltd for the Filter Body & Housing Assembly

CS75 Promotional Video

For more information on the CS75 Oil/water separator please visit their website http://sterlingsep.com

Working Prototype
Following completion of the final design by Molimi Ltd, Sterling Separation produced a full-sized SLA prototype to test the function of the filter body & housing.

Tooling & manufacture by Sino
Following successful testing of the prototype Sterling approved the final design for tooling & manufacture. Injection mould tooling was manufactured in Shenzhen and initial injection moulded samples were supplied to Sterling 8 weeks after final 3D data was approved.

Small changes were made to the design following receipt of the first production parts. The product is now in full scale production and the first batch of CS75 Filter body and housing assemblies have been supplied to Sterling Separation.
The Finished Product
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