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Case Study - Fli Blade

Fli-Blade Fly Killers

Fli-blade Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of high quality fly and odour control solutions.

Electronic Fly Killer Fli-Blade 26 With Glue Board

The Fli-Blade Glue board Insect Killer is a highly effective, hygienic fly control solution perfect for any front or back of house environment.


The Fli-Blade’s innovative design, eliminates any bacteria spreading into surrounding area and can be serviced in 10 seconds.

Fli-Blade Promotional Video

End cap product design & manufacture

Sino worked with the engineers at Fliblade to perfect the design of the plastic end caps. A simple design was required to ensure easy location of the front metal pressing and to make it suitable for the injection moulding process.

The final component design was completed by our Nottingham based design team at Molimi Ltd and then passed to our factory for mould tool manufacture and final production.


For more information on Fli-Blade products please visit their website http://fliblade.com

  • Contact:Building C, Knaresborough Technology Park, Manse Lane, Knaresborough, HG5 8LF
  • Phone: +44 (0)1423 855600
  • Email: info@fliblade.com
Contact the team now on +44(0)121 486 2526 or complete an enquiry form