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Case Study - FirstFlow Creations

Top Baiter

Top-Baiter is a revolutionary new piece of must-have tackle for carp surface fishing. It enables accurate delivery of your attractant and hooked bait to a selected fishing spot in a single cast. This means the bait is always in prime position to attract fish. Sino was asked to work on Top Baiter from the outset of the project after David Moore, MD of FirstFlow Creations, came up with his innovative idea.


Float Design
The design of the float for the injection moulding process was particularly challenging. First Flow Ltd wanted a competitively priced float that was light weight and watertight, the underside to be black and the top surface to be supplied in bright colours.

Sino eventually settled on a 2 component design, ultrasonically welded together with a single piece expanded polystyrene core for additional buoyancy. No painting of the float is required.


For more information on Top Baiter
Website http://top-baiter.com or contact:

FirstFlow Creations,
Gapton Hall Road,
United Kingdom,
NR31 0NL.

Working with his business consultant Paul Goodman, David Moores built his initial prototypes by modifying ‘off the shelf’ standard components to test that his idea worked well. More prototypes were made until David & Paul had perfected a product that anglers would love to use.

Once FirstFlow Creations had perfected the product concept Sino got to work creating a finished design which would suit their manufacturing processes including injection moulding, turned parts, wire spring forming and blister packaging.



Sino supplies both the Top Baiter angling product and the float accessory pack in their finished retail packaging including printed backing card and protective clear blister to clearly display the product.

Top Baiter Promotional Video created by Molimi Design, a Sino Manufacturing company.
As part of the same project Sino’s animation company Molimi Ltd was invited to produce a promotional video for First Flow’s Top Baiter website. Click on the image below to view the video.

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