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Case Studies

Sino Manufacturing Solutions works with a broad range of customers helping with the design, production and marketing of products. We have selected three case studies here to demonstrate the services we have recently provided for some UK customers.

Fli Blade

The Fli-Blade Glue board Insect Killer is a highly effective, hygienic fly control solution perfect for any front or back of house environment.
The Fli-Blade’s innovative design, eliminates any bacteria spreading into surrounding area and can be serviced in 10 seconds. Read More >>



First Flow Creations

Top-Baiter is a revolutionary new piece of must-have tackle for carp surface fishing. It enables accurate delivery of your attractant and hooked bait to a selected fishing spot in a single cast. This means the bait is always in prime position to attract fish. Sino was asked to work on Top Baiter from the outset of the project after David Moore, MD of FirstFlow Creations, came up with his innovative idea. Read More >>


Sterling Separation

CS75 is Sterling’s smallest oil/water separator. It has a simple cartridge service kit meaning that the user does not have to throw it all away each time. And that means servicing is less expensive. It can be wall-mounted, or floor-mounted. Installed right it won’t overflow and can’t leak. Read More >>

Contact the team now on +44(0)121 486 2526 or complete an enquiry form